Kuju Entertainment

Kuju logo.png

Kuju is an English based computer and video game corporation. The organisation has 3 studios, 2 located in the UK and one in Czech Republic. Each studio focuses on a certain genre or theme to gaming and computing.

The organisation was formed in 1998 after a management buyout of Simis from Eidos Interactive. The company name was created by using the Japenese letters for their English initial names Ian Baverstock and Jonathan Newth – IB and JN – Japenese KU and JU.

Kuji helped to develop the PlayStation 2’s EyeToy: Play 2, and EyeToy: Play 3, the multiplayer mode in Call Of Duty: Finest Hour, Betallion Wars for Nintendo GameCube, so has worked with alternate game console clients.

The notable works by the organisation are:

Microsoft Train Simulator



Crash Twinsanity 3D (mobile)

Sensible Soccer 2006

Rail Simulator

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest

Art Academy

Rush ‘n’ Attack


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