David Crane – The Video Games Guru

David Crane is a video games designer and programmer, born in Nappanee, Indiana, United States.

His career in programming began at ATARI, making games for ATARI 2600. Whilst working with ATARI, Crane was approached by one of his fellow colleagues Alan Miller, who told him of another organisation he had heard of where games designers and programmers became more recognized.  Crane took Millers word and left Atari in 1979.

Not long after, himself, Miller, Jim Levy, Bob Whitehead and Larry Kaplan co-founded ACTIVISION. Crane gained his recognistion here by winning many awards for his programming and design and became best known as the designer of game ‘Pitfall’, which went on to become a massive hit and maintained the top spot on the Billboard Chart for a massive 64 weeks, and was later in 1982 named ‘video game of the year’.


In 1986, Crane left Activision along with Garry Kitchen and Jim Levy to co-find ABSOLUTE ENTERTAINMENT. The newly approved CEO of Activision, Bruce Davis, treated video games more like commodities rather than creative products and Crane and his work colleagues didn’t like this so decided to move on from Activision.

Crane did all of his programming from his home in California whilst working for Absolute. With Absolute he is recognized for games such as ‘Amazing Tennis’ and ‘A Boy and his Blob’. After his massive success so far in his career, in 1995, Absolute Entertainment was dissolved. Crane moved onto co-founding SKYWORKS TECHNOLOGIES in 1995 and is currently the Chief Technical Officer of the organisation.



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