Historical and Contextual – Dissertation Preparation Evaluation

When I first received the dissertation preparation brief, I was unsure of how to begin, and what exactly it was asking for. However, I began jotting down areas within graphic design and advertising, that interested me the most. I decided that I wanted to choose areas that interested me a lot, because writing a full dissertation on something I would usually turn my back on, would be incredibly boring and pointless.

My first question I came up with was on buying habits of customers within graphic design. I came up with this one because it’s something that always gets my brain thinking, and wanting to know more about. Within this question, smaller questions could come from it as well, which I thought would be interesting, rather than looking into just one question throughout, but
would give me a lot more scope.

My second question I decided on was the branding side of advertising and design. This question is very similar to the previous question, because again, my mind was struggling for ideas, but this is a subject matter that gets my brain working hard. I liked the idea of looking deeper into the branding process and looking back to previous decades to see how the development
and processes/procedures have changed within this design field. By including advertising within this question, this gives me
another route to look down relating the question to another area within graphic design, as well as the basic.

I have struggled a lot with this dissertation preparation, but I have been given a real eye-opener of what to expect from the
dissertation module, such as the writing side, including, referencing and reading, aswell as how to write a graphic design dissertation.

Overall, I am pleased with the questions I have come up with. With other module deadlines, working on this one has been
maybe the shortest, but definitely the most difficult of all. This module has been really beneficial and I have learned that I must choose a dissertation question of high interest, because if I were to pick a question on which I would usually turn my back on, there would be no point in carrying out the question because it would be boring and wouldn’t keep me interested and motivated, but choosing a question of high interest would keep me interested and addicted to looking for updates on the subject matter. The questions I have come up with, may not necessarily be the ones I take ahead with my final dissertation, but now I will be constantly looking for more ideas and areas to go ahead with, for future references.


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