Creating the Peace Glove – The process and explanation

To begin designing the peace glove. I had to select a final logo and finalise this by choosing the correct size, spacing, typeface and colour. Originally I was going to use the colour ‘lime green’, because as I have learned it is the easiest colour for the eyes to process aswell as it being relaxing and peaceful. However after looking further into the Peace subject, the colour blue kept occuring.

I then decided to change the lime green in my logo to blue and decided that is worked so much better than the pale green. It looked a lot more bold, sharp and eyecatching. The typeface I have chosen is ‘Coolvetica’. I chose this font because it’s not too serious, nor too informal, and because it is a simple font which is easy readable.

I measured the palm base of the white glove i purchased, it measured on average 5cm by 5cm, so i decided to create the final logo 4cm by 4cm, to allow the logo to have some space around it. I then printed the logo mirror image onto Ryman Iron-On Transfer Paper, ready to start the process. I printed out 6 logos of 4cm by 4cm, and tested the process on an old white T-shirt to make sure the logo was how I wanted it to appear. It took a couple of attempts to get it right on the T-shirt, but when I finally mastered the process I moved onto the glove.

I used a circular punch to cut out the logo, leaving a very little ammount of white around the outside of the logo. Then placed the logo faced down and ironed for around 2 and a half minutes. I immediately peeled back the paper, to get best results. I then took a plain sheet of paper and placed it over the printed logo on the glove and ironed this for around 30 seconds, to remove the shine from the logo as I wanted a matt finish.


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