Manifesto Poster Evaluation/Explanation

My final design consists of a male and female, laid face down on a bed, with my title ‘Sex and aspiration within graphic design’ spread in larger handwritten sharpie, across both bodies. The reason I decided to spread the title across both bodies is because it gives the viewer more to look at, and gives the image an even balance of positive and negative spacing.

The five points I have drawn onto the bodies are the main key highlights within my written manifesto report. I have chosen these points because they are the messages I want to get across and get people thinking about.

To complete this poster, I used 2 people, a sharpie marker, a bed and a camera. The final image has not been edited on Photoshop and is a standard, ordinary photograph. The reason I chose to not edit the photo is because I want people to know that ‘you don’t have to edit a photo to make it look all pretty and polished’ to catch the viewers eye. People will see the poster and it will immediately catch their eye, for the main reason of it being 2 half naked bodies.

If I had more time on this project I would have used two different models, preferably obese/overweight and print out the two, then place them up on display to see which gets more attention/ talked about.

Overall, I am more than happy with my final design, as it is simple and un-edited but highly effective in catching the eye. I would have preferred to use the one with the two girl models, but decided to change it last minute and include a male model, so that the poster would appeal to both male and female, and give both sex’s something to look at.


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