Habit Buying

Purchasing the same brand over and over again, more due to absence of dissatisfaction than because of a positive loyalty!

Habit buying occurs a lot out of graphic design. It seems that it’s not all about the price, but about the manufacturer. For example, A Nokia 3310 costs around 15-20 pounds, and an iphone 4s costs around 700 pounds. More people will go for the iphone 4s, because it’s modern and ‘the phone to have’. People want to keep up with the constant change in technology and don’t want to get left behind, but will spend ridiculous ammounts of money to prove this and show off their new gadgets/clothes etc.

Another example would be of course the baked beans. Heniz or ASDA brand? Obviously the Heinz beans are going to be picked from the two. Why?… Because of their loyalty and good taste? Because of their packaging design? There are so many indivudual reasons bigger and better brands get picked over smaller brands, so does this prove that its not ‘all about the money’?


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