How Color Choices in Stores Can Influence Your Shopping Decisions

If you are a smart shopper, it is not that easy to persuade you to actually buy something. There is the science behind how the products are organized, labels are written and sections are ordered to guide you through to making a purchase. That’s a wealth of tricks based on psychological theories and practices that in the end “convert” you from a regular visitor into the buyer.

One of the most powerful methods to appeal to a potential buyer is applying color theory to (e)commerce. Has it ever occurred to you why you feel safer in one store and more energetic in another one? Have you ever noticed that landing on some web page you feel like clicking some button/link and keep browsing the site? While other pages prompt you to stay and keep reading? To some extent, this might be the choice of colors for the page elements.

Color is believed to be one of the most powerful elements of design for web sites, direct mail, ads, and other marketing materials. It carries meaning through associations and/or your body physical response. Color associates can vary from country to country but in Western culture they are basically the same.

So don’t let (online) sellers affect your decision by showing you what you want to see. Let’s see how color choice may affect your shopping behavior and habits – for you to be able to buy with a cool head.


I found these interesting when researching the first question:

Colours and how they affect purchases:

YELLOW: Optimistic and youthful. Often used to grab attention of window shoppers.

RED: Energy, Increases heart rate. Creates urgency. Often seen in clearance sales.

BLUE: Creates the sensational of trust and security. Often seen with banks and businesses.

GREEN: Associated with wealth. The easiest colour for the eyes to process. Used to relax in stores.

ORANGE: Aggressive, creates a call to action. Subscribe, buy or sell.

PINK: Romantic and feminine. Used to market products to women and young girls.

BLACK: Powerful and sleek. Used to market luxury products.

PURPLE: Is used to soothe and calm. Often seen in beauty or anti-ageing products.



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